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When I woke up in the morning it seemed as if I had remained in a state of trance, Nothing made sense to me.Sunday morning,Facially scarred,Disfigured and Frankly,I looked very mean.There was no mail not even a single @mention on twitter.Made myself a cup of coffee and sat down and tried to write a post watching scores of television channel airing the IPL highlights,Modi`s drama and very old cartoon series tom & jerry as my niece is glued to the cartoon network round the clock.Was wondering how life would be if like these animation characters who only be flat for few minutes when a car knocks down and then they will bounce back,Cant we do that?

And then something happened and I wanted to explain that every single instant I have this terrible feeling that I talk too much and Being a Straight forward person I end up hurting a lot of people down the line,may be i should learn that at times silence is the best Tool.Busy all the time wondering,what is happening with X or Y.When things go wrong,running here and there not in search of need but only to make sure that it does not affect someone else.

Speculating how fascinating is this game of hide and seek. Those who were close, they moved distant, those who were at distant come close.Friends of school and college days go away from life as we get older,The warmth of their friendship gradually cools off. Then a new breed of people, we meet in form of colleague and now on twitter and Facebook.knowing them and Getting back into circulation with friends makes the future look bright again, we look forward for what is there in the store in the near future to come.With an incomplete account of past verging on the present and hoping for a better tomorrow.

*sigh* at times...sunday sucks!!!

May peace and happiness prevail.! God bless Everyone!!!


Vishal said...

Touching ! very nice post !

Rakesh said...

You possess a unique talent of being able to make soulful meaning even out of events others consider to be Mundane.

Treat Mil Gaya!after reading this.

Aanchal said...

nice nice!its not that you talk more..its just that others talk less :)

Lost Thoughts said...

If you really think about it Nabeel, we are actually not that different from Tom & Jerry...coz we have this gify of bouncing back....maybe not immidiately and in some cases it might take a long time but bounce back we do.

And I always respect someone who says what is on his/her mind more than someone who says one thing and means something else. So please stay as you are coz with you one always knows that what you see is what you get. And ppl who know you well will never ever misunderstand....coz we all are well aquainted with your pure heart :)

Lastly the only thing constant in life is change, People come in our lives for a reason.....maybe to teach us something or to learn aana jaana laga rehta hai :)

God Bless you too kiddo :))

yetanothersmallvoice said...

Excellently written! Loved the piece :-)

Aditya Nandode said...

Its like moving over to next phase of life, kind of makes one feel, friends do serve a purpose.

Anonymous said...

a nice post... cartoons indeed do create a surreal world in which we crave to exist, but the reality that it isn't possible strikes us hard, a boring sunday morning being the perfect time for it :)

Ami said...

Chic post. Nice set of opening statements. However I would need tonnes of Eno to digest this statement "There was no mail not even a single @mention on twitter." :D

Jokes apart, nice post. Keep writing.
Last but not the least, liked the reference taken from the cartoons.

Keep writing :)

Ami said...

Chic post. Nice set of opening statements. However I would need tonnes of Eno to digest this statement "There was no mail not even a single @mention on twitter." :D

Jokes apart, nice post. Keep writing.
Last but not the least, liked the reference taken from the cartoons.

Keep writing :)

Jyotishko said...

Lovely post sirjee. Tu to bahut sich liya this sunday. Generally i wake up thinking dude... no hangover. win. :D

pappu said...

such trivia of feelings put into words make a gud post.. really gud

Sudatta said...

:-) you don't talk too much. If the opposite doesn't talk u can't help. And you never hurt anyone. Yes friends walk away and new friends walk in with new hopes :-) and no worries main hoon na tang karne ke liye :-P

Saurangshu Kanunjna said...

Change i guess is the essence of matter how much we don't want things to change...

loved it.. good one sir ji :)

Srushti Rao said...

As we grow older in life, we see a lot more, experience a lot more, these experiences and encounters make us what we are today... Many such people who come in our lives, may become friends eventually, leave an impression on us. It is upon us how we utilize these experiences.

It is always good to speak your mind and call a spade a spade. I do that too but there is also this one thing that one should keep in mind and that is sensitivity of the person/situation.

Loved the post. Thought provoking.

Keep writing. Cheers!!!!

pr said...

Naturally spoken words are always so true. You write so clean and smile.

Thou we always are surrounded with people greeting with smile's and bestwishes, we always have that urge to see those smiles we've grown up with.
Change in life is the only constant thing.
No matter we meet new friends everyday, but the long lost one are always "close to our hearts"..!!

Thankyou for sharing your thoughts.
Your words relate to our feelings which are stuck in the head.

Your a lovely person..
and be inquisitive for your good friends always..!!
they always need you..

Best Wishes..Keep Smilling..!! :))

Vijay Kurhade said...

thought provoking n interesting post


manushee said...

u worry too much about the world! time to focus on yourself!

Swapna Verma said...

simply honest :)

ms.parker said...

Yet again, I can relate to it. Thats the best part about these posts. I know what it feels like when there is no mail, no message, anything from anybody and you just lose yourself in a surreal world.
Oh and tom and jerry works like a therapy. :P

Deepshikha Chatterjee said...

A touching post....each and every word is so true


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