Minds Insane Scream..!!

I’ll soon be gone, quite alone,
And quietly, taking none of you along
On this aimless journey,useless
To insist, I must leave you all behind
-Author Unknown

Every morning upon waking,I try hard to be in the present moment But some how I start identifying myself with the whole breed of people with different shapes and sizes who did not live in the present,despite what they may have believed.They either lived in the past or in the Future or may be nowhere at all. Always trying to mend my past just to Fulfill my Future Commitments and always wandering life has passed by,Without realizing the abilities that I have within myself or say Gifted By the Nature.
Foolishly considering myself as an all knowing person with High Hopes and Soaring Ambitions and absentmindedly Giving Birth to the habit of comparing and the desire to become what others are.To be Honest,it Often leaves me with Sorrowful Heart.

I guess,it is a Part of being Human to always look ahead for more favorable times to come than to accept whatever opportunity life has offered to make present time more happy...we all do this,Isn`t it? :)

{Random thoughts}
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Random Thoughts { Part -1 }

"Without inspiration,the best powers of the mind remain dormant,there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks."
- Johann Gottfried Von Herder

Once napoleon was asked as whom he would rate as the greatest warrior that the world had seen. Unhesitatingly he replied that he ranked Julius caesar as the second in the list,His obvious comment implied that he had put himself in the first slot.Justifying his supreme confidence in self-worth.Similar way this blog serves as a platform which allows me to contemplate,know my self-worth and maintain a perfect balance between pride and conceit.

It all began as a perfect platform to kill boredom.I had no idea what I was writing,In fact at some point of time I asked myself “who would read even If I write? " To be Honest,You will stop visiting this space if you happened to read my writings posted during the initial days of blogging.As the days passed I realized that I genuinely wanted to write and learn so many things,wanted to speak and stand up for myself,share my thoughts and opinions.At times,I used to take Refuge in my blog whenever I was lost or Had to come over a certain phase of life.Slowly Started penning down my personal experiences and was very anxious to know what people who read had to say and look at thing from their point of view.

As Man’s mind is fickle and does not remain steady on one thing,Even i Started writing on Random Topics as i was not comfortable sharing everything and so the journey goes on...

{ The above post was written when a friend of mine asked me "why do you write and what you get from blogging? }

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Stagnated Mind.!! { click }

When I woke up in the morning it seemed as if I had remained in a state of trance, Nothing made sense to me.Sunday morning,Facially scarred,Disfigured and Frankly,I looked very mean.There was no mail not even a single @mention on twitter.Made myself a cup of coffee and sat down and tried to write a post watching scores of television channel airing the IPL highlights,Modi`s drama and very old cartoon series tom & jerry as my niece is glued to the cartoon network round the clock.Was wondering how life would be if like these animation characters who only be flat for few minutes when a car knocks down and then they will bounce back,Cant we do that?

And then something happened and I wanted to explain that every single instant I have this terrible feeling that I talk too much and Being a Straight forward person I end up hurting a lot of people down the line,may be i should learn that at times silence is the best Tool.Busy all the time wondering,what is happening with X or Y.When things go wrong,running here and there not in search of need but only to make sure that it does not affect someone else.

Speculating how fascinating is this game of hide and seek. Those who were close, they moved distant, those who were at distant come close.Friends of school and college days go away from life as we get older,The warmth of their friendship gradually cools off. Then a new breed of people, we meet in form of colleague and now on twitter and Facebook.knowing them and Getting back into circulation with friends makes the future look bright again, we look forward for what is there in the store in the near future to come.With an incomplete account of past verging on the present and hoping for a better tomorrow.

*sigh* at times...sunday sucks!!!

May peace and happiness prevail.! God bless Everyone!!!
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The Pleasure of Pain..!! {click }

Every other person wants to find somebody to love and to be loved in return.you will probably do a lot of changing and growing,before you are ready for a permanent relationship.slowly the chemistry between two creature becomes unbelievable,two people who like each other and who are attracted to each other share special feelings. However, to some people things do not work according to how they want it to be.

so here is One side of the story...

It seems impossible to believe that a person you felt so close who does not feel the same way anymore. it hurts to know you are not as important as you once were.
one of the hardest questions to face when it comes to break-up is "why"? it is often a question with no simple answer. sometimes that big question ... why? can keep you from moving on with your life...
one minute crying because i had a good thing with her and i blew it. next min i hate her so much i wish she`d die. spending sleepless nights just longing for her.sometimes quizzing friends asking her where about, sometimes spying, at last all i came to know was she has moved on...
friends will probably want to make me feel better. but it is not easy to let go off your past.
remembering the good times you had with your ex becomes less painful and more pleasant
after sometime has passed. it took a while ,but i have stopped.i do not go to sleep thinking all about her,i have stopped replaying every argument in my head.i spent so much time crying and feeling lonely and blaming myself... the only thing i often say to myself is .. i am not bad i am just drawn that way....
its nice to look forward to things again, for a change. now when i feel sad or lonely,i know it wont last forever.

"there are certain things,you cannot share with everybody........Yet at times,it just flows"

© Nabeel.

{The above written post is a work of Fiction }
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