Minds Insane Scream..!!

I’ll soon be gone, quite alone,
And quietly, taking none of you along
On this aimless journey,useless
To insist, I must leave you all behind
-Author Unknown

Every morning upon waking,I try hard to be in the present moment But some how I start identifying myself with the whole breed of people with different shapes and sizes who did not live in the present,despite what they may have believed.They either lived in the past or in the Future or may be nowhere at all. Always trying to mend my past just to Fulfill my Future Commitments and always wandering life has passed by,Without realizing the abilities that I have within myself or say Gifted By the Nature.
Foolishly considering myself as an all knowing person with High Hopes and Soaring Ambitions and absentmindedly Giving Birth to the habit of comparing and the desire to become what others are.To be Honest,it Often leaves me with Sorrowful Heart.

I guess,it is a Part of being Human to always look ahead for more favorable times to come than to accept whatever opportunity life has offered to make present time more happy...we all do this,Isn`t it? :)

{Random thoughts}


Preets said...

Yes , totally agree wid u'r thoughts. We all do this...
trying to amend the past
overlooking the present given oppurtunity and looking into the future in totally different direction...esp towards the one, to which all successful, rich n famous r looking at rather than painting u'r own horizon wid the given colors :)

Shamrez Zack said...

Each of us are special in our own way, and possess all that is required to attain the heights we desire to attain.

Only one person apart from god can stop you on your path to glory - You, yourself.

Now shed all inhibitions and spread your wings, my friend. You have miles to go before you sleep...

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Your random thoughts are quite candid Nabeel.
Subtle, yet direct.
Thoughtful, yet precise.

Great post.
Cheers :-)

-Ipsita (@ipsita_shome)

Sudatta said...

Its in the likes of human nature to be so. We would had been animals or else. Humans dream think relate because they are the most compassionate breed of species. It takes u thru the journeys which you don't wanna be a part of but that's what makes a life. At the end it doesn't matter how old you're what matters how many roads you've crossed.

Sharmila said...

The present is a gift, that is why it is called such. Inadequacies come and go, what is permanent is our will and fortitude to rise over them. Great set of thoughts Nabeel, you are a bit melancholic today, but loved it!

Saurangshu Kanunjna said...

The tussle between past, present and future is something we human (mainly the regular ones) have to contend with. I guess with some of us it’s a common habit to needlessly try and think too far behind and too far ahead…. Guess at times we take the Present for granted, thinking its something that gona stay with us forever, coz tomorrow never comes and yesterday never dies.

I guess the key is to learn from past, and make present a good one, so that future automatically is better. :)

Nice Post :)

Lost Thoughts said...

Yes we do...and never realise that we are spoiling our precious present...but i guess thats how we are...barring a few people who are always happy and cheerful....like you. God Bless kiddo :)


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